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VR and Gaming

What is WalkinVR and why is it needed

WalkinVR is an innovative software that allows people with different types of mobility disabilities to enjoy VR games. Usually, the games are played with the use of special equipment and rely on the player's physical fitness. This is why a large group of people with limited mobility could not enjoy this very popular form of fun. For example, the player had to press a button on a controller, crouch down or turn around. Such actions could be very difficult or even impossible to perform for the player. Thanks to WalkinVR the player can adjust the game to their own needs and participate in it, for example, with the help of another person.

What is a VR Room?

VR Rooms are rooms adapted to effortlessly conduct virtual reality games. By going to a given room, a player has guaranteed access to necessary equipment and instructor's help. VR Rooms can also be set up in medical or rehabilitation institutions, or even in one’s own home. WalkinVR software is often used as an interesting addition to everyday rehabilitation, as it increases motivation and desire to overcome limitations in disabled people. In addition to standard exercises with a physiotherapist, the player has the opportunity to improve their mobility through the immersion in a virtual world.

WalkinVR Features

The current version of the WalkinVR software has 5 different modes that adapt the game to the specific requirements of the disability types. These are:

1.    Gameplay and VR gaming with the help of a second person

This mode overcomes the problem of inability to press the buttons on the controller with appropriate force and speed. The player plays the game with the assistance of another person who supports the movements and decisions thanks to the emulation of the controller buttons.

Picture of virtual reality gaming with the help of a second person

2.    Virtual motion and rotation

This mode helps people who are unable to dynamically change their body alignment and position. The positions required to progress through the stages of the game can easily be performed using only the controllers.

3.    Adjusting the position of the controller in virtual reality

The player has difficulty performing a full movement or gesture due to muscle weakness. WalkinVR allows you to customize the position and range of motion of the controllers, making tasks realistic to complete.

Picture of virtual reality gaming with adjusting position of controller

4.    Tracking disabled or spastic hands

The player is unable to properly hold the controller and press individual buttons. This mode allows the player to get through the game thanks to the fact that the hands are tracked by Kinect, which reads given gestures as specific movements in the game.

Picture of virtual reality gaming with tracking hands

5.    Reclined gameplay

A solution for people who cannot leave their bed due to disability. This mode allows the player lying with the goggles on can see the game world as if standing in it. The player moves with the controller or with the help of another person.

Picture of virtual reality gaming with while reclined

WalkinVR is an innovative solution for gamers who have been unable to enjoy virtual reality gaming until now. By choosing the right mode, players have the chance to experience full fitness and discover new ways to enhance their mobility.

You can find more info at: https://www.walkinvrdriver.com/

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