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I am a Quadriplegic and would like to continue gaming.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of helping many quadriplegic players, and we’re happy you are here!

The situations are slightly different for every individual, but the most powerful controller for quadriplegic players in our community is the QuadStick. Take a look below, and see what you think about it. We’re available as well for any additional questions!


The QuadStick controller has proven successful with our players who are quadriplegic. Utilizing the traditional sip-and-puff controls, players who have strong mouth movement and lung capacity find great success with this controller. It can also be used across the major consoles (Xbox and PlayStation) and PC.

While the QuadStick is one of the most popular controllers with players in our community, it does require the patience of Yoda to learn. Don’t let this sway you though if you think the QuadStick is the perfect controller for you! There are resources on their website and forums that can help you learn how to use the controller. You can also check out their videos on the controller.

Please note, some ventilator-dependent players may have difficulties with the sip-and-puff nature of the QuadStick. Depending on your level of breathing, this option may or may not be viable.

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