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It's painful for me to use a mouse/keyboard. How can I play?

Great question! It’s a big misconception that, to use a PC, you have to use the standard mouse and keyboard. Luckily, this is not true! You can use almost any gaming controller with your PC.

The next big question is: Do you have a controller in mind that would be great for PC gaming? If so, take a look below on how to make that happen.

Almost all controllers can be used on a PC when used with a Titan One. The Titan One essentially translates the language that your controllers “talks” in with your PC, allowing for seamless gameplay. It also includes the Gtuner software, where you can specifically configure your controller with different games. The Gtuner library includes different gamepacks  for specific games, allowing for easier configuration. 

Take a look at this informational YouTube video about the Titan One for additional information. 

Not sure what controller would be best? Then take a look at our other FAQ questions for controller suggestions that align the closest to your needs. This is a great starting point in figuring out how to best get you back in the game!

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