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How do I change the buttons?

Easy! All you do is unplug one switch and plug in the other.

How do I set up an Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC)?

If you’re using a Windows 10 machine or an updated Xbox, you simply plug the controller into your device.

If you are using a PlayStation, you’ll need an adapter called a TitanTwo

If you’re using a Nintendo switch, the best Option is currently the Magic-Ns Wireless adapter from Mayflash  

Adapters that don’t work:

  • 8bitdo wireless controller adapter for Switch - As of 6/20/2018 This device does not work wirelessly, there is no wired option. There have been other people reporting issues connecting Xbox controllers wirelessly. I will test this out in the future.

  • Fastsnail Controller converter - This works great with the Xbox Elite controller however it does not work with the XAC, my guess is that it doesn’t understand how to handle USB C and only knows how to use USB Micro

What joysticks work with the Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC)?

There are currently a very limited number of joysticks that work with the XAC.

PDP one-handed controller

A very basic joystick fashioned after the Nintendo nunchuck


Extreme 3-D Pro

A fully-fledged computer flight joystick compatible with the XAC


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